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American Peanut Ingredients facility taking shape

In November of 2021 American Peanut Growers Group (APGG) announced it would be investing $85 million in expanding operations in Donalsonville and Seminole County, creating 90 jobs. In addition to expanding its current Donalsonville shelling plant, APGG announced the opening of a new food processing facility on its 45-acre campus in Seminole County.

Today, just a little over four months later, construction of those projects is well on the way. APGG’s American Peanut Ingredients (API) and the construction of a 135,000 square foot facility adjacent to the its current facilities on Highway 39 North, will increase APGG’s shelling capacity as well as add further vertical integration by manufacturing Ready-To-Eat peanut products. These ingredients will include dry roasted split peanuts, dry roasted peanut granules, and dry roasted peanut paste/butter/variegate to be packaged in various bulk containers. Strategic advantages of API’s new facility will include an unique streamlined process from farmers’ stock peanuts to ready-to-eat finished peanut ingredients, food safety and sanitary design from inception, and an on-site research and development testing lab.

The total employee head count once the new facility is at full production will be just shy of one hundred employees.

“We have already started hiring some of the salaried positions and that process will continue over the next few months,” commented API General Manager Jeremy Mayes. “We’re also looking for maintenance positions currently and will be hiring other select hourly positions over the next few months as well.  We’ll pick up the pace on hiring hourly positions in the shelling plant around May.  The ingredient plant hourly positions will probably be filled in the July time frame.”

 Operations in the shelling plant are scheduled to begin in September and operations in the ingredient plant is currently scheduled to begin at the end of the year. Individuals interested in opportunities with APGG are encouraged to visit for additional information.

Headquartered in Seminole County and grower-owned, American Peanut Growers Group produces approximately 200,000 tons of peanuts per year. In addition to local buyers in South Georgia, APGG utilizes the Port of Savannah to reach many customers around the world. APGG’s customers include major confectioners, peanut butter manufacturers, and snack-nut roasters.

APGG’s facility is located at 5212 Highway 39 North in Donalsonville. The American Peanut Growers Group project is an exemplary model of a community growing from within, and has gained support and attention from both state and national levels. APGG growers organized in late 2001, and began seeking support for a cooperative peanut handling and shelling project. APGG’s current operations include peanut buying points, warehouses, a shelling plant, a blanching plant, and a cold storage facility. American Peanut Growers Group, LLC (APGG) constructed a state-of-the-art peanut shelling plant to process the company’s peanuts, making APGG vertically integrated and more connected to the market it supplies.

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