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Family Connection invites you to join in the Easter Egg History Hunt

Seminole County Family Connection is excited to invite the community to come take part in the first ever “Easter Egg History Hunt”. Eleven large and colorfully decorated Easter eggs have been hidden at historical locations throughout Donalsonville. 

Each egg has signage sharing the egg’s name as well as who sponsored and decorated the egg. Participants will need to follow eleven clues and complete a “History Hunt” form to be eligible for the event’s prize package. History Hunt forms containing the eleven clues can be obtained at the local Piggly Wiggly at the customer service desk, and you can also use the copy located on Page 11 in this edition of  the Donalsonville News. The form is also posted on the Seminole County Family Connection Facebook page. The deadline to complete the hunt is Easter Day and all forms must be submitted by 9 a.m. Monday, April 18.

After participants complete the hunt, they can return the form to a drop box located outside the Donalsonville News. Don’t forget to put your name and phone number on the form so you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner of the prize package.

The Seminole County Family Connection Collaborative hopes that this festive literacy activity can bring some Spring fun to residents and they can learn some history about Seminole County along the way. 

The Collaborative is grateful to the sponsors for helping make this project possible.  This whole process was truly a collaborative effort. The Seminole County High School Ag Department lead by Dusty Smith cut the eggs out and welded the frames together from rebar that was donated by Seminole Building Supply. The agencies and individuals who sponsored an egg are Donalsonville Hospital, Stone’s, Seminole Pole Inc., Ameris Bank, Seminole Fitness, Piggly Wiggly, Burke Insurance, First Port City Bank, Diversified Resources, Donalsonville News, and the Touchton family. Some businesses decorated their own eggs while others were decorated by Sarah Avery, Heather Meadows, and Friendship House of Jesus. 


Directions: Explore downtown and find all 11 eggs. Fill in the blank with the correct answer that you will find at each historical site. Cut out this form and drop your completed form at the Cherry Street drop box located at the Donalsonville News for a chance to win a prize!

1. A visual image of the namesake of Donalsonville and his Seminole County Lumber Mill. Who sponsored the egg at this location? ___________________________________

(Hint: Located on the side of a building where people go to get their hair cut. You can walk next door and check out plants.)

2. Since opening in 1928, Seminole County and Donalsonville’s local talent has been showcased in this place for almost 100 years. Who decorated this egg at this location? 


3. Built in 1909 by Mr. R. H. Caldwell, this house was also the home of Judge Julian Webb, one of Donalsonville’s most prominent citizens who served area residents and their State Senator and Court of Appeals Judge. A business has since made this their new home. What is the name of the business? (Hint: It is located on HWY 84) 


4. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this structure was built in 1914 to serve as the home of Nazarene College. It was later purchased by Dr. Thomas Chason and became Chason’s Hospital. What is the name of the egg at this location? ______________________________

5. This two-story building, named after the Seminole Indian Tribe’s Chief Osceola, once featured   a full-length front street balcony and provided food services and overnight accommodations. Who sponsored the egg at this location? (Hint: The egg is mounted on the building and you can stop by and get a sandwich or pizza next door.)


6. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this structure was built in 1922 to serve as the new county’s seat of government. The egg is named “Dip-N-Dot Explosion” is at this location. Where is this? (Hint: It is a rather large white-columned building.) ________________________

7. The ten-time Georgia High School State Champion Girls Basketball team called this place home. Who sponsored the egg at this location? (Hint: Many students in grades K-5 visit here daily.) _______________________________________________________________

8. In the 1900s this area was the home of a log cabin used as a community center. The area was also used to water and rest the horses used to bring residents into town to shop. This egg is sponsored by the Donalsonville News. What is the name of this egg? ____________________________

9..Now home to the Seminole Masonic Lodge, this building originally served as the home of the First Baptist Church of Donalsonville.  The egg named “Praise the Lord” is located here. Who sponsored the egg? ______________________

10. Before the Seminole County Public Library was constructed on Fourth Street, this center-of-town location served as the place to go to check out books and research topics. The name of the egg is called “The Little Prince”. Who sponsored this egg? (Hint: Located on HWY 84)


11. Located in a “central” location in town, this one-room structure served as Donalsonville’s original police station. The egg “Pink Petalled Praise” is at this location. Who sponsored this egg? _________________________

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Phone #  ______________________________________

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