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Nothing normal about Easter

A message of Easter from Gary M. Walker, Pastor of Oakview Church of God and Chairman of the Seminole County Ministerial Association


Back to normal … A phrase we have grown accustomed to saying and hearing since the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and election is “When will things get back to normal?”  

Of course, normal means different things to different people.  Back to normal!  Are we dreaming?  Will normal ever be reality for us?  

Scripture records the resurrection story in Mark 16.  This passage of scripture states that there were three women who were totally devoted to Jesus and His way of life.  On the third day very early in the morning, these women moved toward the sepulcher to finish the burial process that men had speedily left unfinished with no time for the normal spices and anointing oil that were custom to use on the body.  Their recorded remark to each other that morning was: “Who will roll away the stone for us?” The stone was very large and heavy.  They looked from a distance, and it appeared that the stone was already rolled away. As they grew closer to the door and entered, they were frightened.  They found Jesus’ body was gone, but where?  A young man appeared and spoke, “You seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here, behold the place where they laid him.”  That is not normal.  Surely, they only wished the angelic report was true. Then they could get “back to normal”.  

Back to normal must have been in the back of their minds as they headed to the other disciples who were mourning the loss of their normal: Jesus, their Messiah, healer, life giver, life changer”.  As soon as we get to the other disciples, we can move forward as it was before.  Just like that.  Jesus can make it happen … He is alive and “back to normal”.  

I am sure “back to normal” was an exciting possibility for them.  Miracles are coming back, and we will be more devoted to His life than ever before.  We will serve Him.  We will tell the world about Him.  He is alive and back to normal.  We must get this story out; our lives will never be the same.  Back to normal? No way! Life is about to be better than we could ever dream or hope.  

I think the song by Sandi Patti and Larnelle Harris says it perfectly …

For He’s more wonderful than my mind can conceive

He’s more wonderful that my heart can believe

He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams

He’s everything that my soul ever longed for

Everything that He’s promised and so much more

He’s more than amazing, more than marvelous

More than miraculous could ever be

He’s more than wonderful, 

That’s what Jesus is to me.

Knowing what we know now about the Easter Resurrection story, that is by far more than, “Back to Normal”.  Having this story alive inside of you is better than normal.  I have this story living inside of my being and I don’t ever want to go back to normal.  I am not the normal person that I used to be.  I have a faith that is living and not dead.  This resurrection story changed everything for me and countless people around the world.  Jesus is alive and well in every tribe, tongue, and nation on every continent.  

Back to normal!  What would that look like for the Christian?  I believe that Jesus would have us get back to normal of being just like Him.  There is a promise in scripture, John 14:12 NIV; “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”  What can we say about that?  I say no to “back to normal”.  Let’s go for the “greater things than these” in Christ.  Let’s do this.  Make it happen, Christian.  Become alive and get above and beyond normal to supernatural “greater things than these”.  It’s not that complicated.  Get back to being Christlike.  Find out what He said and say the same thing. Find out where He went and go there.  Keep looking for His promise to come back and make for us His home and dwelling in Heaven.  

This Easter let’s get far beyond “back to normal”.  

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