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National Day of Prayer set for 12 noon Thursday, May 5 on Seminole County Courthouse lawn

Seminole County Ministerial Association will host the 2022 National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 5.  The gathering will take place on the Seminole County Courthouse lawn at 12:00 Noon.  

Seminole County Ministerial Association chairman Gary M. Walker commented, “We will have scripture, songs and prayer from pastors and community leaders in Donalsonville.  Join us for a time of prayer, bring a lawn chair for your comfort and enjoy the event as the faith community celebrates our privilege to pray.”  

This year’s theme, Exalt The Lord, Who Has Established Us,  is set against the backdrop of an inspiring painting, pictured at right, created exclusively for the National Day of Prayer by renowned Christian artist, Ron DiCianni. 

The image was created to illustrate God’s people joining His angels in exalting Him as they pray, as well as to remind all peoples in this nation He is working to accomplish all that He has purposed and promised for America and for the world!

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