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Burke, Worsham and Harrell’s Donalsonville office to move to 201 South Woolfork Avenue location

Burke, Worsham and Harrell (BW&H), a full-service accounting firm in operation since 1965, will soon be relocating its 230 Cherry Street downtown Donalsonville office to 201 South Woolfork Avenue, the former Georgia Power building, and most recently, the former First Port City Bank branch location. 

After much thought and consideration, the decision to downsize was the best way for the firm to maintain a presence in Donalsonville. Over the past few years, the accounting industry has changed to the point that most accountants work remotely. BW&H has supported remote work for the past four to five years. With six staff currently working fully remotely it makes good financial sense for BWH to take a look at its footprint and overhead.

“BW&H has an office at 600 West Shotwell Street in Bainbridge in addition to the Donalsonville location. With both offices operating at 60% capacity it does not make sense to maintain both facilities,” commented Marjorie Mayfield, BW&H Chief Operating Officer. 

Becky Worsham, Partner and one other staff member will man the Donalsonville location and clients will be able to drop information into a lock box. Moving forward most clients will be seen by appointment only in Donalsonville.

John Buckhaulter, BW&H partner, will move with his clientele to Bainbridge. Support staff in Donalsonville will also move to the Bainbridge location – which will bring the firm’s operating staff up to 95% capacity.

 Mrs. Worsham, added, “Burke, Worsham & Harrell will continue our commitment to Donalsonville and all our clients in Seminole County.  As we make changes to our physical office footprint, please understand that we are doing so only for efficiency purposes.  We recognize the need to adapt as our business world changes so that we can maintain the business for our client’s benefit as well as our employees.  As such, I will be permanently located at the Donalsonville location and BW&H will continue to have a presence in Donalsonville to service our valued clients.”  

The move to the new location is expected to be completed by June 30.



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