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Lewis M. Carter, Jr. is the Almond Alliance Associate Member of the Year

Pictured: Lewis M. Carter, Jr. receives the Almond Alliance’s Associate Member of the Year award from the Alliance’s Dick Cunningham

At the Almond Alliance’s 40th annual convention held recently in California LMC Manufacturing’s Lewis M. Carter, Jr. was presented with the Almond Alliance Associate Member of the Year award. Carter was recognized for his innovation and long-time contributions to the almond industry.

Carter commented, “It’s always an honor when an industry recognizes our work but I’m just the point of the spear and it’s really an award for the LMC team.” 

Speaking at the convention,  Carter also commented that he is glad that LMC has helped to grow the almond industry’s output from 400 million pounds to 3.2 billion pounds.

As a leader in producing World Class Machinery for more than 80 years LMC offers solutions tailored to not a specific industry, but also to a specific company. From gravity separation machines and destoners to vibratory conveyors, LMC produces custom-built industrial separation equipment for unique processing requirements. 

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