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The 100 deadliest days of teen driving has begun


Memorial Day through Labor Day marks the 100 deadliest days of driving for teens.

The coming and going of Memorial Day is a welcomed day for many. It marks the unofficial start to Summer and signals that school is almost out for the year. If you are the parents of a teenage driver, the passing of Memorial Day has a different meaning. The 100 Deadliest Days are the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day where traffic-related deaths involving teen drivers are higher than any other time of the year. 

Over the past five years more than 7,000 people died in crashes involving teen drivers nationwide. AAA says that taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds more than doubles your risk of being in a crash.

Your teen needs to be made aware of the changes to the driving environment in the Summer months, especially if this is his/her first Summer on the road.  Communicate with your teen about Summer driving and the increased number of cars on the road and discuss the following dangers.

Some of the biggest causes of teen crashes include not buckling up, distracted driving, alcohol and drug use and speeding.

“Most of the fatalities we work are a direct relation to not having your seatbelt on, and the phrase goes, ‘we don’t unbuckle dead people, so please put your seatbelt on,” commented a AAA spokesperson.

Parents play an important role in teaching teens driving safety. AAA offers a parent/teen agreement that helps parents understand their role in ensuring their teen stays safe on the roadway.

“It’s a really good time period to remind parents of how important it is to have that talk with your teen driver. Even if you haven’t had that talk recently, now is a good time to just sit them down and talk expectations on the roadway, why it’s so important for them to always be wearing that seatbelt, to avoid impairment, to avoid those distractions,” explained Morgan Dean, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

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