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Even an alligator knows that Donalsonville is the Gateway to Lake Seminole

Seminole County residents pride themselves in always offering a warm welcome to visitors; however, in some cases offering some Southern Hospitality is not the way to go.

That was the case last Friday morning, June 2, when the visitor was an alligator spotted taking in the local scenery under a parked truck in the neighborhood near First Baptist Church in Donalsonville.

The Donalsonville Police Department posted a video on its Facebook page of the capture, and video reports of the incident show the gator active and agitated after emergency workers used a snare to wrangle the gator, secure its mouth with tape and safely remove it from the area. 

The Donalsonville Police Department thanks Seminole County Sheriff Chief Deputy Hank Bagwell, Investigator Kale King, Seminole County Code Enforcement Bill
McClendon, and concerned citizens for help in capturing the visitor. 

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources relocated the alligator to a more accommodating section of the county, according to Donalsonville Police.

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