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Award-winning Hardee’s of Donalsonville receives Operations Excellence Award

Pictured here are Denise Meeks, District Manager and Katrina Crankfield-Ross General Manager; 

along with Hardee’s employees Sabrina Samson, Malissa Clark, Katrina Crankfield-Ross, and Shakesha Henderson

2021 was an exciting and award-winning year for the Hardee’s of Donalsonville! To start the award-winning year, the local Hardee’s became a Certified Training Restaurant responsible for training future management team members for Hardee’s restaurants around Donalsonville.

Based on Katrina Crankfield-Ross and her restaurant team’s performance Katrina was named General Manager of the Year for 2021 for Phase Three Brands, LLC. The General Manager of the Year is determined each year based on the restaurant’s performance on key metrics that are regularly tracked throughout the fiscal year. Katrina received this honor at the General Manager Rally that was held on April 6, in Gainesville, Florida.

The restaurant’s latest award was celebrated on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. The Hardee’s of Donalsonville received the Mayo Boddie Sr. Operations Excellence Award. 

The Donalsonville restaurant is one of 10 Hardee’s restaurants in the entire country to receive this award. The award is based on the restaurant’s performance on certain metrics that all Hardee’s are scored on, plus the restaurant’s scores on unannounced third-party inspections. 

Highlights of the restaurant’s performance are earning Perfect Quality Assurance Inspections and scoring above 95% on inspections conducted by the franchisor Hardee’s Restaurants, LLC during 2021. Katrina and her team have earned seven perfect scores on Quality Assurance Inspections over the last three years; not an easy task for any restaurant to achieve.

The restaurant’s success is also rooted in the dedication of the many long-term employees that work here. These employees are the foundation of the restaurant’s success – Lillie Copeland 35 years, Regina Copeland 13 years, Pete Brannon 14 years, Synthia Simmons nine years, and the “rookie” Theresa Queen two years. 

Katrina’s management team also consists of long-term employees, and all have been promoted through the ranks. The members of her management staff are Malissa Clark – 13 years, Sierra Patterson – four years, Tainesha Turner – four years, Sabrina Samson – three years, and Shakesha Henderson – two years.

Phase Three Brands, LLC owns and operates Hardee’s restaurants and Wingstop restaurants in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. The home office is located in Tampa, Florida.

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