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Local citizen Dennis Hayes praised for community clean up efforts

If you haven’t driven down Martin Luther King, Jr. Street in Donalsonville lately  and witnessed for yourself how almost litter-free the area is, well, it is worth the drive to do so. Local citizens informed the Donalsonville News last week of a Good Samaritan, Dennis Hayes, who has single-handedly been responsible for picking up the litter scattered along the road sides along  Martin Luther King, Jr. Street and south to Railroad Street as well as the grounds around  Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. 

A local citizen commented, “He gets up early and goes into our community while we are still snug in our beds and picks up the trash and debris.” 

Another citizen of Donalsonville got off from work very early one morning and drove by to see him voluntarily picking up trash and disposing of it – and smiling and waving at the same time. 

Asked why does he does it,  Hayes responded, “I took this project on my own a long time ago to keep the area clean. This is my home, my neighborhood and I just like to keep the area clean so that we can be proud of our community. I don’t won’t anything for my efforts I just want the area to look nice.” 

Thank you, Mr. Hayes. May your tribe multiply.

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