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Support Donalsonville’s Fire Station Cultural Center Project

The transformation of the community’s former fire station facility into an art gallery, museum, cultural center and event venue would put an exclamation point on the progress of this community’s recovery efforts from the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael in the Fall of 2018. There is not one single facility located in this community that offers adequate space for community gatherings and scheduled functions, or a location that showcases the community’s love of the arts and its pride and celebration of the area’s history.

Two of this community’s greatest assets are its seemingly endless number of artistic and creative citizens and its incredible heritage.  Each and every family from Iron City to Donalsonville to Lake Seminole has boxes and albums filled with photos of its history and memories and tales that need to be chronicled and presented for all to see, enjoy and remember.

One of the original and current goals of the community’s BetterWay Initiative has always been to transform downtown Donalsonville’s historic firehouse into a centralized show place housing activities designed to enhance the community’s quality of life by showcasing its residents’ creativity and preserving and promoting the community’s past through the creation of a Seminole County Historical Museum.

Creating a permanent home for fine arts shows, and cultural activities, and preserving, displaying and promoting this community’s history is something we have to do, somehow. It is a good idea. We need to do it now for our children for their future. What better way is there for our children to learn about the area’s culture, their ancestors and the history of how they lived their lives than by touching it and seeing it displayed in one place?

The transformation of the fire station facility would provide a central location for local and regional artists to showcase their talents, exhibitions of the community’s storied history, educational space for art, local history and cultural workshops, teaching opportunities for all ages, plus an event venue with a catering kitchen for use by groups and individuals of the community – as well as visitors.

Once operational the Fire Station Cultural Center would be sustained financially with support from the City of Donalsonville and the Seminole County Commissioners, as well as revenue generated by the art gallery and museum gift shops, and rentals of the event venue and catering kitchen.

When people truly believe in what they are doing and are totally committed to the reasons for their journey, their project or their purpose, then it is time for action. If we truly believe in the reason we are doing something, expecting the desired outcome is essential in making the dream a reality. But we all have to acquire that “If we build it they will come” attitude.

In Donalsonville and Seminole County we have acquired that attitude and we are asking for your help in making our dream come true for all of us to enjoy.

Join us!

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