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Corps and Stewards are working well together

For the first time in the history of Lake Seminole, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in a collaborative partnership with the Stewards of Lake Seminole, are working together to manage invasive aquatics.  The objective is to improve property owners’ access to the lake and clear recreational use areas for water sports while preserving the native vegetation that is essential for a thriving ecosystem.  This is the first of many collaborations that have been approved in the 2023 Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan.  During the week of April 17, the Stewards (through its contractor Florida Environmental Consultants) treated areas around 194 boat docks in Fish Pond Drain, Rays Lake, Lewis Pond, Turkey Pond, Hickory Pond and Turkey Pond run.   This is a fraction of the nearly 600 property owner docks that will be treated in the coming weeks.   

At the same time, the Corps, through its contractor, treated nearly 100 acres in Fish Pond Drain.

Invasive species Cuban Bulrush (Oxycaryum cubense) was also attacked this week by both the Corps and Stewards.  The Corps treated areas around At Ease Campground and Marina, while the Stewards treated Rays Lake, Cypress Pond Run, Cypress Pond and Fish Pond Drain. The Corps and Stewards formed a Cuban Bulrush Task Force after their meeting in Mobile, AL.  Task force meetings have been continuing monthly to make this operation a success.  Steve Dickman says, “This wouldn’t be happening without the commitment and support from the Corps, and the generous giving of our Sponsors.”

The Stewards of Lake Seminole started its sponsorship drive in November with a preliminary goal of $250,000. 00 by April 2023 to generate the funding needed to start building success stories. The goal was met before the April target thanks to extraordinary efforts by our new State Representative Gerald Greene and our new State Senator Sam Watson who secured $150,000.00 from the State of Georgia for Emergency Action to fight the Cuban Bulrush. Fundraising efforts continue so that more can be accomplished.

Lake Seminole, as a recreational and fishing destination, is critical for the prosperous economy of our communities. Visit Our Sponsors tab on our website and thank your neighbors and businesses that are creating this success. If you are not a Steward, be a part of our success by going to our website and joining today

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