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Firefighters train to perfect vehicle extrication skills

Vehicle accidents pose unique challenges to first responders, often requiring specialized knowledge and techniques to ensure the safe and efficient removal of those involved. 

Recognizing the importance of ongoing training and preparedness, Donalsonville Fire and Rescue Department crews sought to reinforce their expertise in this critical area. 

Fire and rescue personnel from all three DFRD shifts recently underwent comprehensive vehicle extrication refresher training to sharpen their skills in responding to vehicle accidents. Using the department’s on site training facility, these essential exercises  focused on crucial aspects such as stabilization techniques, patient care, and the safe removal of individuals trapped in vehicles. 

DFRD Fire Training Captain Brandon Lane commented, “The success of this training was made possible by the generous support of Mike’s Auto Sales, who graciously donated vehicles for the exercises and went above and beyond by delivering them to our training location. Without their support, conducting such realistic and effective training exercises would have been challenging”

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