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Two of the twelve top-quality cotton award winners are from right here in Seminole County


Pictured above are producers Stephen Houston Jr., and Greg Mims;Taylor Sills – Georgia Cotton Commission Executive Director, George Gray – Cloverleaf Gin, Josh McElyea – Cloverleaf Gin, Eddie Beasley – Bayer Crop Science, and Justin Odom – Seminole County Extension ANR Agent.

Congratulations to Stephen Houston Jr. and Willard, Greg and Clent Mims of Mims Farms for being winners of the 2022 Cotton Quality Awards in Region 4. Stephen Houston Jr. was the top producer for Region 4, Category 2, and Mims Farms for Region 4, Category 3. In addition to the producers, Cloverleaf Gin received plaques and recognition for ginning the top-quality cotton and nominating the producers.

Over 80% of U.S. cotton is exported to foreign mills that demand high-quality fiber. Georgia is the second largest state in the U.S. in cotton acreage and production. The demand for cotton is improving, and the U.S. market share is increasing. The quality of Georgia cotton is increasingly important to the U.S. cotton industry. Both fiber quality and yield are important economic factors for profitability. Fiber quality premiums have been strong.

The Georgia Quality Cotton Awards began in 2005. The main purpose of these awards is to recognize producers and ginners of high-quality fiber. The Award is administered by The University of Georgia Cotton Team and is co-sponsored by Bayer and the Georgia Cotton Commission. The objectives of these awards are to recognize the farmers and gins producing the highest quality cotton in Georgia, identify management practices associated with the production of high-quality fiber, and publicize and promote the quality of Georgia cotton.

Seminole County ANR Agent Justin Odom commented, Congratulations to our local producers and gin for producing and ginning some of the highest-quality cotton in our region.”

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