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New date to be set for ethics hearing

Due to the resignation of City of Donalsonville Ethics Board member Michael Wingertsahn, the Ethics Board hearing scheduled for last Monday was cancelled and plans will be made for its rescheduling. 

A called meeting is set for Friday, August 18 at 5 p. m. in the City Council chambers to discuss the appointment of a new Ethics Board member, and to make plans moving forward regarding the previously scheduled Ethic Board hearing.

As reported in previous weeks’ editions, the Donalsonville City Council has voted to refer an Ethics complaint regarding Councilperson Mitzy Moye to the City’s Ethics Board. 

A Public Hearing, where the City’s Ethics Board planned to discuss and review the complaint, and determine if further action needs to be taken, was scheduled for August 14th at 5:30 p.m. in Superior Courtroom of the Seminole County Courthouse. That hearing was open to the public, as will be all future hearings.

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