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Council votes to take no action on ethics charge

After months of meetings, hearings, discussions, depositions and deliberations the Donalsonville City Council, in its Tuesday night meeting,  voted to take no action on the ethic charges against Councilperson Mitzy Moye. 

After discussion by the council of the findings and information presented by the Investigative Committee, Councilperson Mitchell Blanks made the motion to move forward and take no action against Councilperson Moye. Councilperson Flossie Smith seconded the motion and it passed unanimously with one abstention by Moye.

The vote was taken after a discussion by the council on the details of the case as presented in the investigative committee’s final report to the Mayor and City Council. 

Councilperson Travis Brooks stated that he found the details presented in the report to be less than what he needed to come to a decision of moving forward with any formal discussion of charges against Councilperson Moye in regards to any ethics violations occurring in the June incident involving Moye and Donalsonville Police Cadet Joseph Williams Jr.

The motion to not take any action in the case also stipulated the investigative committee’s final report be included in the minutes of the January 2 council meeting.

That final report can be found in its entirety at

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