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The contagious effects of a job well begun.

The contagious effects of a job well begun.

Let’s keep it Spreading!

Synergy can be defined as the interaction of multiple elements coming together to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. And now, a year and a half after it began, BetterWay can be defined as the interaction of multiple people coming together to produce results greater than the visions dreamed by each individual responsible for it.  This community has become infected with the BetterWay virus, and symptoms of it, the goals we are accomplishing and the ones in the works, are causing even greater things to happen.
Rebuilding a strong, vibrant community requires the energy, focus and interest of many parts. The result of our collective efforts is proof positive that we do indeed desire to make our great life even better. We are seeing positive things happen and others are seeing it as well. Who knows what prospective businesses, industries and individuals are out there looking for a sign to move in and call Seminole County home? We just need to keep moving forward and adding spotlights to our BetterWay welcome sign.
The BetterWay Initiative’s efforts to improve the quality of life in our community began with a small group; however that group has expanded considerably and it is continuing to grow. BetterWay’s efforts have become contagious and countless individuals have come down with a good case of participation-itis.
The branding of the BetterWay name, the promotion of its purpose and dreams, serves an important role – because every time we talk about it, or read about it, we have moved a little farther down the road toward the final destination of reaching its goals.
Planning meetings, community group presentations, TV interviews, thank you receptions, history meetings, magazine features and countless newspaper articles have done their jobs in effectively spreading the word. Let’s keep it spreading.
The BetterWay goals are divided into phases because BetterWay is a journey not a destination. We should always be in the mind-set of making our home a better place to live. The BetterWay Initiative, and its infectious symptoms of working together for progress, are spreading the realization that we don’t just have to dream it; we can work together and achieve it.
Everything we want to happen cannot happen overnight, but by working together we can divide and conquer it all.
The announcement of Bainbridge State College’s plans to build an attractive complex on the blighted downtown Cherry Street lots is a welcomed shot in the arm for the BetterWay movement. Cherry Street will soon become an even more vibrant downtown destination and its transformation is indicative of what could happen in our entire community.
Let’s keep on dreaming for the stars. We will continue efforts to plant more trees and establish a historical museum to preserve and display our past.  We will continue plans to change the entrance to our town from the north into a walking/fitness heritage park for recreation, health and educational opportunities. But let’s not stop here. Let’s add some more dreams and flames to our progress fire.
With Cherry Street becoming an educational and training destination, how about turning Woolfork Avenue into downtown’s art and culture destination? The Olive Theatre, combined with the adjacent vacant property could be transformed into a cultural arts center enhanced by an outdoor courtyard and landscaped garden. The possibilities are endless.
Our community is showing signs of the contagious effects of a job well begun.  Let’s keep it spreading and create a BetterWay epidemic!

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