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Let’s continue to work together to achieve a better way!

Rebuilding a strong, vibrant community requires the energy, focus and interest of many parts of the community. Multiple stakeholders must be on board and the Donalsonville News needs your support.
For 95 years your local newspaper has been proudly covering Seminole County’s news, sports and community events, and since the debut of our new design and format on August 25, 2011, our primary goal has been to give you, the reader and the advertiser, exactly what you deserve – the absolute best.
It is has been exciting to promote and highlight the goals and objectives of the BetterWay Initiative and the possibilities it has for making the great quality of life in our community even better, and as with any project, it is always more effective to work together to achieve the desired results and to make those results mutually beneficial.
The Donalsonville News has been a leading voice in advocating the implementation of the BetterWay Initiative and promoting the benefits of its visions. Its projects and the community working together on them, will make the quality of life, here in Donalsonville and Seminole County, even better – revitalizing the business community, bringing more activity into the current establishments and attracting new businesses and establishments in to our county. This is not a chamber, city or county project, it is a community project and it is going to take the full commitment, physically and financially, of the entire community, businesses and residents, to make it successful.
The Donalsonville News is behind the initiative 110% because promotion of its benefits is vital to its success and that is exactly what we are going to keep on doing.
We need your help. To our readers, thank you for reading. Keep buying the paper each week or set up a subscription. To our advertisers, thank you for your business; however, we want and need more of it. The benefits of the BetterWay vision have the potential of making our business community and our personal lives healthier. The Donalsonville News needs more space in the paper to promote the community effectively. The more advertising you see in the paper, the more space we have to use to present your stories and your faces.  It is an absolute honor to put your faces in color and tell your stories each week on the pages of your newspaper, and we want to do more. There are so many untold stories and photo opportunities out there and we want to capture each and every one of them and present them to you on the pages of  your newspaper. We need more readers, we need more subscribers and we need more advertisers.
Help us promote the future and the good things that we can, working together, make happen here in our community. Let the Donalsonville News put its marketing and advertising experience to work for you and develop an advertising plan to benefit your business and help to attract our readers into your establishment.
The Donalsonville News has the tools needed to make your advertising and marketing efforts more effective. We have the medium to present your message to your customers and potential customers, and most importantly, we have a dedicated commitment to do that effectively for each and every one of you. We want your business to be as successful as it possibly can be and we want to help you make that happen.
What are your goals and objectives for your business? What is your market? Who are your customers and what message do you wish to promote to each of them? Let’s work together to develop a mutually beneficial plan.
By working together on a common goal we can create an atmosphere of mutual community cooperation that will position all of us to be more effective in achieving each and every one of our goals.
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