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T’is two weeks before football

T’is two weeks before football
 and all through Seminole land
excitement is growing in the hearts of Indian fans
 for the season that begins
a new journey and quest
 to be true to the colors and
to be the best of the best.
   To the cheerleaders, the players,
 the coaches and fans
and every smiling member of the
 Green Machine Band,
 may the season again showcase
 a stellar sportsmanship presentation
 and end victories
 for the entire Indian nation.
And as the opposing teams leave town
and drive into the night
may they have a safe return home
from the Friday night lights.
May they always remember a victorious scene
enjoyed by a classy bunch of Indians
 and what it means to be Green!

In two short weeks, August 30 will be the first Friday night of the new high school football season. In Donalsonville and towns near and far, bands will be marching, cheerleaders will be jumping and yelling, the teams will be fired up and parents will be anxiously watching for their son or daughter down on the field under the Friday night lights.
And once again, the Donalsonville News will be there on the sidelines and in the stands to capture every play, every cheer and every musical note from the Green Machine Band, as it all combines together to create the anxiously awaited atmosphere of an evening dedicated exclusively to Seminole County High School football and all that it means to bleed green.
It’s special. It’s unique, and it is a night that is all about the kids, the ones on the field and the kids in the minds of the adults in the stands. So buckle up the chin straps, and get the music going. It’s kick-off time!
The heat of Summer will soon be melting away, and with the scenery beginning to change as leaves morph from green to the season’s reds, oranges and yellows, one of the real reasons for the season  – football –  arrives back in town.
Baseball may have been America’s game once upon a time, but these days, the pigskin takes the cake. The popularity of college football and the NFL are at an all-time high, and
especially in small-town America, there’s just something special about high school football.
What makes Friday night’s gridiron contests so special goes beyond all the message boards, chat rooms and statistical breakdowns and speaks more to the hopes and dreams that every player, every fan and every member of the entire Indian nation, shares. It’s about the camaraderie forged during two-a-days, and blood, sweat and tears contributed by each player and coach in the sweltering heat, and it’s about the little guy conquering the evening’s Goliath. It’s about the rewards for the hours of practice and preparations by the cheerleaders and it’s about the halftime and the Green Machine Band blasting  the sounds of Indian pride into the green-clad fans filling the stands.
High school players aren’t playing for a new contract or the latest endorsement deal.  Their blood, sweat and tears are all about the love of the game, and that’s what makes packed high school stadiums all over the country such special places to be.
In this community Seminole County sports are not just Friday evening events. Cheering on the future generations of the community is a year-round privilege that residents of this county take seriously, take with pride and set their schedules around. The support of the youth and their activities in this community is as it should be and at the very top of everyone’s list.
The Seminole County Indians – the players, the coaches, the cheerleaders, the band and all the fans  – will welcome tomorrow night with all the glory and pageantry it deserves. Last season was a special season and it provided memories to last a lifetime; however,  this season begins a whole new book. New characters will emerge and new stories will be written. The first chapter begins Friday night, and based on the history and the accomplishments of this community in the past, I am sure that the words yet to be written about the 2013 Indians will produce the perfect plot and all that is needed to again make this year’s story another best seller.
The teams this community produces are all special because the players involved and the fans supporting them are special.
Yes, on August 30th we have a football game, but this is Donalsonville and Seminole County and here it is not just a football game.  It is just another opportunity for the Indian family to get together, go green and showcase all that is good about Seminole County sports. Go Indians!

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