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It’s your choice; Choose wisely!

We are less than a week away from the City of Donalsonville’s November 5th Municipal Election. Have you voted?  In this election we will select the representatives who will work to lead our city into the immediate future, and it is imperative that each and every registered voter in the City of Donalsonville take the time to cast a ballot and vote for the best person to direct us in the challenges ahead.
The City of Donalsonville needs great and bold leadership. The challenges and opportunities ahead of us, for an even better quality of life, are great and we need to elect leaders with a proven track record who can hit the ground running, address those challenges, and tackle, head on and to our advantage, the unseen obstacles and opportunities yet to come.
Positive opportunities for this city are out there and it is now up to each of us, the voters of the City of Donalsonville, to compare the qualifications of the candidates and to choose the right ones, the best ones, to turn those opportunities into positive realities for us all.
With our vote in this election, we the people control the direction of the community we the people call home.  What direction will we take? Who will get your vote?
We can’t predict the future, so then how can we figure out who’s got the right stuff to lead us into that future?
We need leaders who have a body of knowledge and experience that is relevant for the job. It’s like an entry ticket to play in a game; you can’t be considered if you haven’t at least paid some dues. We need leaders with demonstrated track records of accomplishment. Playing is not enough; you have to have some wins under your belt, too.
We also need to ensure that our future leaders have the agility to adapt to new and unexpected circumstances. In the business world  the inability of a company’s leadership to adapt and adjust is the real reason companies such as Blockbuster and Kodak went out of business — and the reason companies like Google and Amazon, which have adapted, keep beating competitors to the punch, time and time again.
Finding agile and effective leadership is essential to the success of all governments and organizations. When faced with something that isn’t working, we want our leaders to come up with new and different options and then act to make those different strategies work. We want them to adapt, demonstrate flexibility, show they have the agility to be a great leader and do it all in real-time and every time. With the current and future opportunities this city has for positive growth it is imperative, at this point in time, that we select adaptable candidates who will be able to handle, without hesitation, the more complex and ambiguous challenges ahead.
Consider the military’s special forces, those highly trained personnel assigned to the most dangerous and unconventional missions. These elite units, which date back to Roman times, select and train warriors for strength, maturity, motivation, and intelligence. Candidates who make it through to the end are incredibly capable, yet the one characteristic that is make-or-break in the final analysis is the ability to adapt, adjust and think fresh, repeatedly.
Now is not the time for on the job training. We need new city leaders who will, on day one, possess and demonstrate a complete knowledge of the situation and have the ability to adapt and act in the best interest of the city.
Which candidates on the City of Donalsonville Municipal Election ballot meet these qualifications? It’s your choice, and the clock is ticking.
You have three days and counting to make that choice and to cast your vote accordingly. Choose wisely, because the quality of life in your hometown, and the opportunities to make it even better, depend on it!

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