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Resolutions, 59th Edition

One of the unexpected benefits of writing a weekly column is that you can look back and see what you were thinking at certain times of each year.  New Year’s Day is one of those times.   For better or worse, I can revisit my columns and see what resolutions I kept and which ones fell by the wayside.
Weight control is first and foremost on most peoples’ minds as we get over the holiday eating binge.   People join the gym or buy their own equipment in record numbers in January of each year.   Most of those resolutions will last a month or two.
In 2012, I lost 54 pounds.  I have found a dozen or so of those pounds during 2013 and would like to get rid of them again.   I downloaded a new app that will track my calories and activities each day.  Hope it works better than the treadmill.
In 2012, I committed to cleaning out the garage and I actually did it.   We were having the house painted and I didn’t have much choice.   I discovered things I didn’t know I owned, but seemed to have lost the important, useful things.   I went from dozens of screwdrivers to just one.  Thankfully, it has a reversible head for both Flat and Phillips screws.   
I did edit my collection of music during the year as I resolved to do, although you probably wouldn’t know it as I seem to buy more sheet music than I discard.  I think I sound better this year at the piano, although it is likely the instrument more than the player.   I had an 1889 Steinway piano beautifully restored, fulfilling a lifelong dream, even if it was not a resolution.  
I committed to having lunch with five people I don’t regularly visit with and actually did it.   Returning unexpectedly to politics contributed to achieving this resolution.   I hope and expect to have even more of those lunches over the next year.
Was I a good father, grandfather, son and husband?  I hope so, but you will have to ask others.   Was I a good friend?  Some I would hope would say yes, but there is always more we can do for those that cross our path along the way.
For 2014, I resolve to try to be a good Mayor and leader for our community.   I resolve to my wife that I won’t let politics dominate our life even as she retires from teaching.  I resolve to lighten my load in some fashion, something I haven’t been terribly successful at lately.
I resolve to visit the only two states I have never visited; Alaska and Hawaii.  I resolve to work on the journal for my grandchildren if for no other reason that one day they can know how much I love them.   I resolve to seek peace in my life, enthusiasm for my community, and love amongst my friends and family.  
It is a new year.  The slate is clean.  The opportunities are there for all.  My wish for you is good health, peace and prosperity in 2014 and beyond.  
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