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Dream it, believe it and then expect it That’s the BetterWay plan!

When people truly believe in what they are doing and are totally committed to the reasons for their journey, their project or their purpose, then it is time to move to the next step. Whether from a community or individual point of view, once we have set our goals, made our plans and believe in our reasons and efforts to accomplish them, it is then time to expect the desired results. If we truly believe in the reason we are doing something, expecting the desired outcome is essential in making the dream and plan a reality.
I was watching a movie during the holidays that featured construction of a railroad across the treacherous terrain of the Alps in southern Europe.  Train tracks over and across the Alps between Venice, Italy and Vienna, Austria were built long before there was even a train in existence that could make the trip. They built the tracks anyway because they knew that, someday, a train would come. They had a dream, believed in it and moved past the believing part and began expecting the results they had worked and dreamed so hard to achieve. Eventually the train came.
As a community we have made plans to build, to create and to improve our quality of life. We have taken the steps, initiated the projects and proceeded with the belief that the projects will improve and better the community. Now is the time to get in the mind set of expecting the results. We have laid the tracks and the foundations for improvement and it is called the BetterWay Initiative so let’s stand together as a community and expect the train to come.
BetterWay is not a chamber, city or county project. It is a community project and it will take the ongoing commitment of the entire community to make its goals a reality.
Phase One is complete. The trees have arrived and they are living reminders of the positive things we, as a committed and dedicated community, can do when we come together and dream, believe, expect and make them happen.
At the BetterWay planning meeting last Thursday, plans were announced for the projects of Phase Two of the initiative. The creation of a Seminole County Historical
Museum and Heritage Park, a Woolfork Avenue cultural complex to enhance the benefits of the Olive Theatre, the planting of more trees and the installation of additional street signs are all on the to do list.
We have big dreams and I will say it again, a little louder this time.
We have laid the tracks and the foundations for improvement and it is called the BetterWay Initiative. Let’s stand together as a community and expect the train, and everything good we want to happen in our home, to come roaring down those tracks.

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