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When the darkness gets darker, turn on a brighter light

When things go terribly wrong or when plans do not go as planned, it seems like the darkness gets a little darker; however, we always have a choice of turning on a light. We can choose to wither in the darkness or decide to step out into the light and grow. If we can fully commit to focusing on the light and to keeping our minds working in a positive direction, the light, and the hopes and accomplishments it can provide, can consume us and shine brightly into the darkness. This is my current philosophy of life and it is a work in progress. Bear with me and let’s grow together.
Stop worrying about what’s wrong and start thinking about all the things in your life that are right. Imagine your dream. If we keep thinking about what we don’t have or worrying about all the problems we do have, we will be too emotionally and physically exhausted to do anything about making things better.
I was watching a television program the other day and the speaker was talking about shifting negative thinking into positive acting. He said to put an empty photograph frame in a place where  you will see it all of the time. Picture yourself living your dream and think about that perceived image displayed in the frame.
If we stay committed to our dreams and move away from self-pity and regret, we can change our world, but we have to stay focused on the light. We have to imagine ourselves living the dream. Imagine it. Do it. Then, live it. If we prepare for rain, and fully imagine ourselves living a wonderful life after the storm, we can prosper when it clears.
Life is full of opportunities. It is what we do with those opportunities that fully defines who we are. If we have the mind-set of mediocrity then a mediocre life is what we will get. When we dare to dream the impossible and believe that the impossible is a reachable destination, then our journey will be a good one. We just have to keep looking down the road and expecting great things to happen. We cannot do anything about yesterday, except to learn from it.  However, today, if we live every moment to its fullest, enjoy what we have and reach for the stars, a better tomorrow is inevitable.
I remember one morning when I was driving down for a meeting at Lake Seminole – I was praying for guidance and direction. In the distance I noticed a bird flying in the sky. As it grew closer, I realized that is was a bald eagle and it was headed straight for me. It spread its majestic wings and landed beside the road. I was absolutely consumed with a powerful feeling of amazement and hope. I stopped my car in the middle of highway and just marveled at the site. Right there in front of me was a beautiful bird and the symbol of our nation’s hopes, dreams and freedoms. Then it dawned on me. There are symbols and signs of hope all around us. We just have to remember, that when the darkness gets darker, all we have to do is turn on a brighter light and bring the good things back into focus.

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