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We need to put a little more Thanksgiving in our Christmas

I had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope, as you read this column, you are reflecting on the wonderful one you had as well.
My Thanksgiving began Wednesday night when I finally made it to the grocery store at 7:30 p.m. Both of my daughters, Kaylee and Caroline, were on their way home from college and I was pushing a buggy down the aisle at the grocery store looking for the ingredients for everything they had requested for our Thanksgiving feast. I do not cook very well, but for this holiday and for my girls, I did – dressing, squash casserole, green beans, the fresh ones that I cut the ends off of each and every one, pumpkin pie and sweet potato souffle with the melted marshmallows on top. Thankful, for once, that my girls are vegetarians, I did not have to attempt cooking a turkey or ham – which was a good thing because all of the above was not ready to eat until about 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. .
Everything was prepared from memory of watching my mother over the years. For the dressing, I baked two pans, from scratch I might add, of what my mom used to call egg bread in the same pan she used my entire life, and thanks to Paula Deen and the internet, the squash casserole kinda tasted almost like I remembered it as a child. The sweet potato souffle, Caroline’s favorite, was a little lumpy because I realized you need a mixer to make the stuff and all I had was a fork, but the melted marshmallow topping was excellent.
When we finally sat down around the table for our Thanksgiving feast, with my dog Maggie and my two grand dogs Dexter and Brody wondering where their plates were, it was a blessing and we gave thanks. Celebrating with my family for all that we have been given this year was a wonderful moment. We sat there and enjoyed each other’s company, amazed in the fact that I had cooked all of this stuff and so very,  very thankful for all of our blessings.
 Thanksgiving seems to be so much calmer than Christmas. This day was a day of thanking not giving. There was no pressure, no rushing and no hassles. There were no worries about if the right gift had been chosen, and the only problem we seemed to have, other than running very low on cranberry sauce, was the time we had to wait until we were ready to eat again.
It was a special day; my refrigerator for a change was full of food and our hearts were full of joy and thanksgiving. My mother always used to say that a grateful act would get you in the door, but a grateful heart would put you in the choir. I want to be in the choir.
Here’s hoping we can put some Thanksgiving in our Christmas, shop at home, give to those in need and have the very best Seminole County holiday season, ever!

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