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Happy Unconditional Love Day a.k.a. Mother’s Day

The title of Mother alone is synonymous with unconditional love. Sunday is the day to celebrate that love and to honor the mothers in our lives for all they selflessly give or have given to their families, their communities and society as a whole.

Whether her children are small or all grown up, a mother’s gifts to them, even though they are too often overlooked, are eternally priceless. Those fortunate enough to have been encouraged, rescued, nurtured and comforted by a mother’s love can attest it is like no other. It is truly unconditional and makes the world a better, warmer, brighter and softer place.

How does one describe a mother? Her love is the deepest. Her caring selfless. She protects you like no other. She’s your doctor. Your teacher. Your body guard. She’s perceptive and knows what you are thinking even when you’re putting on your best disguise.

She can praise you to high heaven – and whip you in to shape or keep you in the corner when you need it.

She can disregard your mischief – and forgive your sins.

She celebrates your successes and exposes the bright side to all of your failures.

When your heart breaks, so does hers.

She’ll do without the things she needs so that you have things you simply want.

She fed you, changed your diaper, wiped your tears, bandaged your scrapes and cuts, patted your head, gave you a kiss and sent you on your way to become an adult.

Mommy. Mama. Mom. Whatever you call her, Sunday is her day. A special 24 hours set aside once a year to pay tribute to mothers.

Cards and flowers will put a smile on her face and touch her heart, but nothing will tug at  a mother’s heart like a simple “I love you” from her child.

This Sunday it is your turn to let her know how special she is. Give her a present and spend the day with her. And be sure to say those three little words – which will be the most welcome gift of all.

If you’re far away, give her a call, and if she is no longer with you, remember all of the above in your heart.

As we pause this Sunday to thank our mothers, trying in some small way to repay their gentleness and generosity, we should also make the commitment to do so more often. For all that they do, and for everything that they are, mothers deserve more gratitude than can be expressed on a single day in May.

We should pay tribute to our mothers every day by living their example and by being the kind of people of which they can be proud. By giving of ourselves, we acknowledge their many sacrifices, and in listening to our inner voice, we do justice to their wise words.

Indeed, any time that we are understanding, patient, compassionate and kind, we are celebrating Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere!

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