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Crying to smile. It’s all about how you enjoy the journey

One day I am going to write a book about life and its journeys, and based on the smiles and the tears personally beamed and shed regarding where I have been, where I am and where I have intentions of going, the title of my book will be Crying to Smile. The last word in the title symbolizes what I will be doing when I get to that point. Thinking about writing this book, and developing an outline for it using my day-to-day experiences, are self motivation tools I use each and every day to keep me moving forward on the path to my desired destinations.

Life is a smorgasbord of ups, downs, right turns and left turns, and sometimes it gets stuck in neutral or even reverse.  We just have to remember that all of life’s great achievements require that we keep moving. The desired destination, the achievement of objectives and the attainment of goals, are waiting for us at the finish line, but it is how we run the race and enjoy the time doing it that makes life truly worth living.

Sometimes we become overwhelmed by filling our plates too full,  agreeing to too many projects and spreading ourselves too thin. Combine those obligations with personal trials and tribulations of family, finances and problems yet to be determined, and the focused vision of the goals and objectives becomes a little fuzzy and our effectiveness to work properly can be negatively affected. When this happens, and believe me it does, and it will, take a deep breath, pray constantly, step back and assess the GPS location of your position in your life’s journey.

Family, and its financial and emotional issues, will always be there, so accept that fact and learn to live with the good and the bad. Everything else just needs some priority tweaking and adjusting. Rank your to-do list by importance, time, and the desire to keep the item on the list. I am a person that hates to say no, and I have been stretched to the limit in the past because of it. I like to be involved and I like to be a part of helping the brighter light shine in our community and in the lives of people less fortunate than I. However, I have learned that if you can fine tune your talents of delegation and recruit other hard-to-say-no people to help, the projects become more manageable and the stress caused by having too many of them becomes more bearable.

My to-do list is long and sometimes it seems I spend more time adding to the list than I spend working on items and removing them from the list. Each item on the list is important and will remain. They have been prioritized, efforts to complete them are ongoing and they will be removed from the list as soon as they are successfully accomplished, but I want more.

I want to go on a Viking River Cruise down the rivers of Europe; I want my daughters to have everything they desire; I want everyone to have a subscription to the Donalsonville News; and I want that first place award for General Excellence in next  year’s Georgia Press Better Newspaper Contest.

These goals are real; they are on my list and plans are progressing to achieve them. The next step is to work the plan and enjoy the journey to success, not with the mind set of it can happen, but with, it will happen! Dream it, believe it and then do it.

So when your plate at the table of life is overflowing with obligations, projects and problems, stay positive and remain focused on achieving the fulfilling feeling that comes with finishing the feast.  Get a bigger plate, take one bite at a time, chew properly, with your mouth closed, and enjoy the meal. Your successes come with the dessert course.

And the best part of it all is knowing that the icing on the cake in this, your life meal, allows you to have as many desserts as you wish. Bon appetite!

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