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Peanut Growers Conference honors Lewis M. Carter for his leadership and support

Lewis M. Carter, Jr., owner and former president of Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing,  was honored recently at this year’s annual Peanut Growers Conference when he received an award presented to him by Valor Herbicide in recognition of his leadership and support of the Southeastern Peanut industry.

The annual conference was held this year at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Miramar Beach, Florida.

Carter is pictured at left standing with his award next to a newly developed LMC Inline Spout Sampler which was debuted at the conference.

“My first reaction was wow. What an honor to be recognized by my peers,” commented Carter. “The award is all about Team LMC, and the environment at the Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing Company where we all work together and support each other.”

LMC, with its leadership in density separation, has become the world leader in industrial separation equipment using sizing, aspirating, and applying color sorting systems.  Basically 100% of the US peanut crop is processed in LMC systems and on LMC machinery.  Almost 70% of the US almond and pistachio crops use LMC equipment and techniques.  LMC also has a strong presence in the edible bean/pulse industries and in other crops. 

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