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Large crowd attends Planning and Zoning Board’s public hearing

A crowd of more than one hundred interested residents and Seminole County property owners attended Tuesday evening’s  Planning and Zoning Board Public Hearing. The hearing was held for the purpose of receiving public input regarding the uses of recreational vehicles and campers located on Seminole County property for the purposes of occupancy as a temporary or consistent living abode.

One of the consensus opinions voiced by residents and property owners in attendance was that recreation vehicle use as a temporary or consistent living abode should be allowed as long as all current county sewage and dwelling requirements and codes are met.

“It was a very productive meeting and we appreciate each and every comment and suggestion presented,” commented Reed Rognstad, Chairman of the Seminole County Planning and Zoning Board.

The Planning and Zoning Board held a work session after the meeting to discuss the public comments received and to begin the development of a rough draft proposal  to address all of the issues. The board plans to finalize its recommended proposal in the coming days for presentation to Commissioners at the September 13 County Commissioner meeting.

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