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A Thanksgiving Message of Unity from Stewards of Lake Seminole

Pictured here, Steve Dickman, with his granddaughter Savannah Dickman, after a big catch on Lake Seminole

Written by By Steve Dickman, Executive Director of  Stewards of Lake Seminole

At a time when differing ideologies and agendas, both political and personal, seek to divide our great country and communities, we continue to be abundantly blessed. Individually, we have those specific blessings for which we are thankful. However, collectively we share a common blessing in our community called Lake Seminole. It affects each of us in diverse ways, but make no mistake, we are all affected. Whether angler, hunter, water sports enthusiast, lake front property owner, business owner, taxpayer, etc., we all benefit from the blessing of having a natural resource like Lake Seminole near our communities. Managed by good people who work within an imperfect system, our precious resource is in trouble.

Thanksgiving has always been a special time for our family at Lake Seminole. The opportunity to hunt in the morning, catch fish in the afternoon and feast with our loved ones in the evening creates great memories. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets . . . an abundance of wildlife . . . what an extraordinary and peaceful place! Unfortunately, many lake residents, all of whom are significant investors in our communities, cannot access the lake from their docks, or fish from their docks with their families because of weed infestation. Access and use by non-residents are equally problematic which deters local spending and enjoyment. What kind of memories and results does this create for us and the future of our communities?

Hurricane Michael and climate change have exacerbated this problem on areas of Lake Seminole. Little has been done, and nothing has been done in a timely manner. It is our mission to change that! We believe it is a community problem that requires a community solution. Regardless of our personal ideologies or political agenda, we can and should become unified around our common blessing of Lake Seminole. It is ours to enjoy! It is ours to monetize! It is ours to protect! It is ours to preserve and enhance for all beneficiaries. It is ours to provide Stewardship for our families and future generations. Join us in a unified vision and mission as a Steward of Lake Seminole to preserve and enhance a community blessing that we can all thankfully call our home. 

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