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Meet your new Donalsonville Hospital administration

Donalsonville Hospital Leadership Team: Katie Hatcher, April Massey, Herman Brookins, Shelly Hines, James Moody, Marian Hodges, Dr. Phyllis Garrett, and Heather Smith 


At Donalsonville Hospital and Seminole Manor Nursing Home growing their own hospital leadership is one of the countless procedures performed wery well. Under the 31-year guidance of President and CEO, Herman Brookins, Donalsonville Hospital has worked to create a succession plan that will take this 103-year-old hospital into the future. 

Meet your new Donalsonville Hospital administration . . . 

James Moody 

Hospital Administrator

With a seamless transition from CFO to Hospital Administrator. Moody brings more than 31 years of experience to the role. Moody plans to maintain and improve Donalsonville Hospital for today and many years to come. He is dedicated to ensuring the hospital has the most up-to-date equipment and technology and continues to recruit and retain the best healthcare workers. 

April Massey

Assistant Hospital Administrator

More than 23 years in healthcare administration allow April Massey to bring her leadership and technology skills to the table. She brought the first Electronic Medical Record to Donalsonville in 2007 and continues to push forward in technology. Massey’s goals are to grow the services offered and help tell the story of – Right Patient, Right Time, Right Place. 

Katie Hatcher

Chief Financial Officer

Hatcher moves from Controller to Chief Financial Officer as she leads the organization towards pre-covid operating income and takes on the mission of finding and applying for new grant opportunities. Hatcher hopes to continue to expand the services at Donalsonville Hospital to offer the community everything it needs in healthcare right here at home. 

Heather Smith, RN 

Director of Nursing, 

Donalsonville Hospital

A Nurse leader at the hospital for more than a decade, Smith has filled countless roles. As Director of Nursing, she works tirelessly to meet the needs of her nursing staff and continues to recruit, train, and inspire the next generation of nurses to join the hospital team. 

Marian Hodges Hunter, RN 

Seminole Manor 

Nursing Home Administrator

Born and raised in Donalsonville, Hodges has served in many areas of nursing. Hodges became the MDS coordinator of Seminole Manor Nursing in 2006 and in her new position hopes to continue providing an enriching, safe, and loving environment for the residents of Seminole Manor. 

Dr. Phyllis Garrett, DNP, MSN, RN 

Behavioral Health Unit Director

Dr. Garrett has an extensive background in behavioral health nursing, working for both profit and not-for-profit hospitals. In her new role, Dr. Garrett will lead the behavioral health team in continuing the hospital’s mission of providing services to adolescents and senior adult patients in crisis. 

Shelly Hines, RN 

Director of Nursing, 

Seminole Manor Nursing Home

With more than 21 years in leadership at Seminole Manor Nursing Home, Hines will continue in her role recruiting, training, and directing its  wonderful staff members as they provide exceptional care for all residents. 

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