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Make room in your heart for a forever home for Apollo and Tink

Call the Animal Rescue Alliance today at 229-992-2039 for additional information and details on how you can make one of these guys your new best friend.

Apollo was rescued from a situation where he was being attacked by other animals and is just starting to get used to safety. He loves women and desperately wants love and affection. He is very uneasy around men at this point and tends to hide or retreat when scared. Apollo warms up and comes out of his shell with attention and affection from either men or women, it just may take a little extra nurturing from a man.   

 Once you earn his trust, Apollo becomes a big happy goofball. He adores his toys and loves toting them around.  He’s crate trained and nearly house trained as long as you make sure he gets needed potty breaks. His crate is his safe space and he’s happy to go in and chill out with a few toys and a peanut butter Kong. Because he’s still working on his confidence, he’s very nervous around other dogs and may be best suited as the only dog in the home. If you have other dogs we encourage a meet-n-greet prior to adoption. 

Tink is an adult medium haired female kitty.  Tink came in with one kitten of her own, but was such a good mama that we began putting all of our orphan kittens in with her.  She immediately took them all in as her own, even letting them “nurse” although there was no milk.  She taught them all good kitten manners, and kept them groomed and loved, but now they’ve all moved on to new homes.  It’s time for Mama Tink to have a turn at a forever home!  She is a very calm, laid back cat who enjoys being with people as well as other cats.  Please come in and meet her.

Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is a rescue organization operating serving Seminole and Miller counties. Its goal is to provide a solution to the stray animal population in the Southwest Georgia communities, facilitate transport, and provide a safe space for vulnerable animals until they find their forever homes. The Alliance, a no-kill shelter that will not euthanize for space, intends to offer low-cost spay/neuter services for the community. 

Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc., is located at 2645 Georgia Highway 91, just north of Donalsonville. It is open to the public and encourages all to come out and view the facility and additional cats, dogs, and more –  available for adoption Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m until 4 p.m.  

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