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That special Easter time of year has arrived

Easter message written by Rev. Glen Hancock, Pastor, Trinity Crossroads Church

Once again we find ourselves in the Spring of the year here in Seminole County with grass turning green, flowers blooming, trees putting out new growth, planting progressing in the fields and the warm Spring sunshine beaming down from the heights of God’s heavenly realm.  It is a beautiful time of year.  I find myself thinking how blessed I am to live in Seminole County, one of the nicest places I have ever been blessed to live.  Suddenly the season of Easter is upon us.  Sadly, like Christmas, Easter has been hijacked in large part by the advertising media of the secular world.  We’re surrounded at this time of year by chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, artificial grass and large baskets that appeal to the children.  It’s all about selling merchandise.  I recently saw a poll that proclaimed that only 39% of Americans believe church and Christian values to be important.  I’m quite sure that in some areas church attendance has declined and membership has dropped; but Christ created the church and it will endure forever.  I can’t speak for the rest of our nation but I believe that the poll number I referenced would be on the low side for Seminole County.  I have counted at least 50 churches in our area and I am led by that to believe that faith in God through Jesus Christ our Lord is still alive and well in our county and in our area.  When viewing the national scene I have to say the greatest failings in our nation today are the lack of manners and respect; respect for parents, for authority, for our nation and for each other.  I don’t believe this to be a young person problem.   In my time in Seminole County I have found the young people to have both manners and respect.  I believe that is in large part due to their Christian upbringing as well as a strong educational system staffed by dedicated teachers and administrators. 

In the midst of all that is wrong in our nation, some will ask where is God in all this confusion. At Easter I pause and reflect on the Scripture that tells me that God will never leave us or forsake us.   In faith I believe God is still alive and well, still in the business of creation, still in control.   When we experience the agony of the cross on Good Friday and journey to the empty tomb on Easter morning, we are reminded that we are people of the cross, we are Easter people.  When we look back at the Scriptures that tell of  the agony that Jesus endured, the sacrifice that was made, and the hope that sprang from that empty tomb, I am filled with hope for the world today.  

I pray that all who read this will understand why Easter is so important.  

In the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we have hope.  Hope for abundant life in the here and now and hope for eternal life in the hereafter.  Hope for a better tomorrow.  Though there might be much evil in the world today, God is still in control.  The message of the cross and of the empty tomb for us today is hope, eternal hope.  

Have a happy and blessed Easter, Seminole County.  I urge you to attend the church of your choice on Easter morning and reflect on the importance of this Christian celebration. 

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