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Suspect arrested, escaped, chased, shot and recaptured

On the evening of Thursday, April 6, Wolfgang Espinosa, Jr., age 25, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, was arrested in Seminole County after a car crash and subsequent DUI charge. He was taken to Donalsonville Hospital for treatment of his car crash injuries. Released from the hospital early the next morning, the suspect was picked up by Seminole County Sheriff deputies and transported to the Seminole County Jail. Upon arrival at the jail, he was able to get away from deputies and steal a patrol vehicle parked at the jail and race away.

Seminole County deputies chased after Espinosa, and once they caught up to him on Highway 84, a Seminole County deputy attempted to get him out of the stolen patrol vehicle. Espinosa and the deputy struggled, and during the struggle, he was shot by the deputy. Espinosa was shot once; however, he was able to escape and drive off again. The car chase began again.  Deputies continued the chase and at the second stopping of the vehicle, Espinosa fought several deputies while still resisting arrest. He was then tased without effect, and was even able to take a taser off of a deputy. Espinosa was eventually restrained and arrested. He was taken to a Dothan hospital for treatment of his non life threatening gun shot injury and then transferred to an Atlanta trauma center. Espinosa was later released from the trauma center and is now in custody in the Seminole County Jail.

Sheriff deputies received minor injuries during the incident.

The GBI will conduct an independent investigation into the officer involved shooting incident. Once complete, the case file will be given to the Pataula Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office for review.

Espinosa has been charged with aggravated assault on an officer and additional charges are pending. 

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