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City officials meet with WorkSource to learn about benefits for local residents and businesses

Donalsonville City Councilman Mitchell Blanks, Councilwoman Flossie Smith, City Manager Jeffrey Hatcher, City Clerk Christina Corvers, and Pearlene Garner met with Latasha Marshall of WorkSource Southwest Georgia on Friday, June 9th, to learn about the programs they offer to residents and businesses. This was very informative and provides opportunities for our local small businesses and residents with obstacles to employment.

WorkSource Southwest Georgia is a grant-funded program to provide job assistance to persons who want to work but need help getting there. This includes out-of-school youth and persons with financial or background issues that make it challenging to find a job. 

The program can assist businesses that are willing to provide training and experience to these individuals and enable them to find a job. It is hoped that some companies would hire an intern or trainee full-time after realizing they are productive and willing to work. Many of the youth who participate in the program go on to finish their GED and enter college for programs such as LPN. To learn more about this program, anyone can visit and explore the various program options there.

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