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Chelsea Willis selected to lead the Green Machine Band as its new director

Seminole County Middle High School has announced that Chelsea Willis has been selected as the Green Machine Marching Band’s new director. Willis replaces long time Green Machine band director Dallas Burke who retired this year after 28 years of service to the band and the school.

Chelsea’s goals for the program include both short term and long term plans. The short term goals include improving the quality of music being made within the Green Machine and building the kids’ confidence in themselves. The long term goals include building the numbers of the program and upgrading the level of difficulty in the music the program plays. 

She will also be combining the band and its auxiliary unit into one cohesive program rather than being two separate entities. Students who are interested in additional information or in joining the Green Machine Band can contact Miss Willis at with any questions or requests to join.

Seminole County Middle High School Principal Shane Purdy commented, “I am looking forward to Ms. Willis leading our prestigious Green Machine Marching Band.  She will bring a new energy and many new ideas that relate to our students.  She has already demonstrated an organized vision  while constantly communicating that with me and her students and their parents throughout the Summer.  Ms. Willis is competitive, as she wants the band to constantly improve and she wants what is best for our students while honoring the tradition of our historic band program.  I look forward to seeing what she will do for SCMHS and our community as we support her throughout this ongoing process of improvement.  I know the students are excited about her expectations and the time she is already putting into them.”

Chelsea Willis is an Arkansas State University 2023 Graduate. She started piano lessons as a young child before playing violin in first and second grade. In third grade Chelsea and her family moved from Port St. Lucie, FL to Jackson, TN. In sixth grade she picked up a Clarinet and continued playing and performing through high school before becoming drum major at her high school her Junior and Senior year. Chelsea continued her education at Arkansas State University where she picked up Sousaphone for the Sound of the Natural State Band her Junior year of college. 

Some interesting facts about Chelsea: She is the youngest of six and the only girl. She was made for the hot and humid climate not the cold, and her significant other is one of the punters at Arkansas State University (William Przystup) who currently has one semester remaining, has quite a few NFL teams scouting him, and is hopeful that he will be drafted in the next NFL draft.   

For individuals or businesses interested in supporting the SCMHS band and its new director financially, consider a 2023 SCMHS Football Program ad which is designed and sold by the Seminole Fine Arts Boosters and benefiting all SCMHS Fine Arts programs. You may also donate directly to: SCMHS Band, 5582 Hwy 39 South, Donalsonville, GA 39845. See ad on page four of this edition for additional information.

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