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Seminole County’s Featherfield Farms sold to GDNR for habitat conservation and expanded public access

Images of  Featherfield Farms reprinted from Featherfield Farms’ website


Farms, a pristine and picturesque property located in Seminole County and adjacent to Lake Seminole, renowned for its bountiful wildlife and ecological significance, has been acquired by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR) in a landmark deal aimed at protecting critical habitats, enhancing public access, and fostering connectivity with existing state-managed properties. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in the state’s ongoing commitment to conservation and preservation of its natural resources.

Situated in Seminole County, Georgia, Featherfield Farms spans approximately 875 acres of diverse ecosystems, longleaf pine forest, native wiregrass habitat, and numerous ponds. The property is home to a wide array of native plant and animal species, making it an ecological hotspot of regional importance. Given its significance, the GADNR recognized the urgent need to secure this land for long-term preservation.

The acquisition of Featherfield Farms by the GADNR is a monumental step toward safeguarding the delicate balance of Georgia’s natural environment. The Department has long been at the forefront of conservation efforts, and this acquisition further solidifies their commitment to protect and restore critical habitats for generations to come.

By purchasing Featherfield Farms, the GADNR aims to achieve several crucial objectives:

D Habitat Protection: The acquisition ensures the preservation of vital habitat, providing a safe haven for numerous species including bobwhite quail, whitetail deer, eastern turkey, dove, and migrating ducks. This ecosystem also supports a known population of gopher tortoise. The protection of these habitats will contribute to the overall biodiversity of the region.

D Expanded public access: Featherfield Farms will be opened to the public, offering an unparalleled opportunity for residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Hunting, hiking, bird-watching, and educational opportunities will be available.

D Connectivity and linkage: The acquisition of Featherfield Farms strategically links existing state-managed properties, creating an expansive network of protected areas. Featherfield Farms bridges the gap and connects land from the Lake Seminole Wildlife Management Area (WMA) along the Chattahoochee River to the Seminole State Park. This connectivity will enhance ecological corridors and facilitate the movement of wildlife, ensuring their long-term survival and promoting genetic diversity.

The purchase of Featherfield Farms was made possible through a collaborative effort between the GADNR and various stakeholders, including conservation organizations, local community members, and private donors. The GADNR extends its sincere gratitude to all those who supported this initiative and helped make it a reality.

The sellers were Thomasville National Bank Financial Services, working as trustees on behalf of a longtime area family. Insuring the continued protection of this property for the purpose of optimal wildlife habitat and recreation was a priority for the family.

“We are excited to see that the management of this legacy property will carry on in perpetuity to the benefit of the public at large,” stated Joel Barrett, President of Thomasville National Bank’s Trust Department

“The acquisition of Featherfield Farms represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to conserving Georgia’s natural resources,” said Ted Will, Director of Wildlife Resources for GADNR. “We are thrilled to offer citizens this new access to public land which will include hunting, hiking, and education opportunities. This property has some wonderful examples of high priority habitats and wildlife and expands our conservation footprint in southwest Georgia.”

The sale was brokered through The Wright Group, which serves as a real estate brokerage and advisory firm based in Thomasville, Georgia and represents legacy properties of this nature across the Southeast.

“The sale of Featherfield Farms to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is a win-win scenario for both parties as it serves to expand the States contiguous footprint while insuring the family’s conservation values are forever maintained,” says Ben McCollum, broker at The Wright Group.

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Article reprinted with permission from the Thomasville Times.

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