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Shane Purdy to become Assistant Superintendent Mary Jean Albritton to become SCMHS Principal

Beginning in the Fall of 2024 the Seminole County School System will welcome Shane Purdy as its new Assistant Superintendent and Mary Jean Albritton as the new Principal for Seminole County Middle High School.

Purdy commented, “While I will truly miss the daily interactions with students, teachers and parents as SCMHS Principal, I look forward to the next chapter of my career in the new position that is presently being defined under the title of Assistant Superintendent.  My main focus is as it has always been throughout my career; I want to lead and make a positive impact on the overall growth of everyone around me.”    

Purdy has been employed as the Seminole County Middle School Principal since February 18, 2020.

Purdy holds an Ed.S degree in Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, a Masters of Health Science Degree from the University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, English Education from Piedmont College. Before coming to Seminole County Purdy was employed as the Director of Human Resources and Operations for Taylor County Schools in Butler since 2019. From 2017-2019 he was the Assessment and Accountability Coordinator for Baldwin County Schools in Milledgeville. For six months in 2017 he was the Assistant Superintendent of Operations for Murray County Schools in Chatsworth. From 2014-2016 he was the Principal at Pickens High School in Jasper, Georgia. Before that in the years 1998 through 2013 he has been employed as Educator and Athletic Coach, Lumpkin County High School in Dahlonega, Educator and Athletic Coach, Rabun County High School in Tiger, Georgia, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director at Rabun County High School, Principal at Rabun County Middle School, and Assistant Superintendent at Lincoln County Schools in Lincolnton.

SCMHS Assistant Principal Mary Jean Albritton started her career in education at Seminole County Middle High School, her alma mater, straight out of college. She was, and still is, eager and committed to making a meaningful impact on students and the school. As a high school history teacher, she witnessed the joy of discovery light up students’ faces, and it fueled her commitment to educational excellence.  

After 14 years in the classroom, herrole changed to Assistant Principal, which marked a shift in her perspective. No longer confined to a single classroom, her impact broadened to the entire school community. Collaborating with administrators,  teachers, parents, and students, she worked with others to create an environment that promoted student growth and development.  

Albritton commented, “Recently, I was honored to receive the news of my promotion to Principal. I am excited about the new responsibilities that come with my promotion and am eager to contribute to the continued growth and success of Seminole County Schools. As I embark on this new chapter in my career, I carry with me the lessons, experiences, and memories cultivated over all my years of being a Seminole County Indian.  I’m so thankful for the support of my family, my colleagues, and everyone in our school community.  I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together. I promise to work hard and do my best to continue making our school ‘the best school in Southwest Georgia.’’’ 

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